Shirinasal University

          Shirin Asal center of Applied Science and Technology

          This center is under supervision of University of Applied Science and Technology of East Azerbaijan administrated by Ministry of Science. It has been established for qualitative and practical education of students in various fields. The center utilizes Widespread educational potentials & research capacities of Shirin Asal Food Industrial Group, well-equipped laboratories and workshops, computer sites, modern educational tools such as smart board, video projector, slides, multimedia and … .

          The center possesses appropriate welfare facilities, commuting services, restaurant, library, prayers house, and canteen. The new building of university with the area of 6000 meter square is under construction.

          In Shirin Asal center of Applied Science and Technology, not only employed personnel are trained but also unemployed students are accepted. At the current time, there are over 700 students in the center.

          In this educational center, scientific visits, training courses performed in associated factories and industries, professional workshops, cultural and social activities in different fields result in scientific and cultural progress of students and practical connection of industries and universities as well.

          Student forums of Shirin Asal scientific-applied educational center:

          Scientific forums, student Basij, artistic-cultural center, Quran assembly, consulting center, student consulting council

          Modular discontinuous associate courses:

          . 1. experimental chemistry(food industries)

          2. Confectionery

          3. Efficiency in units

          4. Marketing

          5. Industrial accounting

          6. Cattle raising

          7. Printing and supplementary affairs

          8. Net administration, commodity distribution and services

          9. Safety and health in units

          10. Information technology and communication

          Discontinuous associate termic majors:

           1. Official affairs

          2.Commercial management

          3.Milk and dairies

          4. Confectionery

          5.Experimental chemistry (food industries)

          6.Cattle rising


          Termic continuous associate

          Animal affairs (animal raising technology)


          Termic discontinuous bachelor majors:


          2.Software technology engineering

          3.Engineering of technology of Chemical industry

          4.Engineering of confectioneries and chocolate (flour field)

          5.Engineering of confectioneries and chocolate (non-flour field)

          Discontinuous bachelor of Modular majors:

          1.Engineering of confectioneries and chocolate (flour field)

          2.Engineering of confectioneries and chocolate (non-flour field)