History :Salemin Company was registered at 1974 as No. 20872 of Tehran Company`s registration office & industrial property and subsequently at 1975 could obtain the established license No. 333233 from Ministry of industries & Mines.

          This company was transferred to SAVEH city at 1978 and was registered in SAVEH`s documents offices as internal No. 353. By regarding to the article No.3 of statute, the main activity of company is producing the food materials such as "Conserves", "Raw food & Cooked & frozen", "Types of biscuits", "Sponge cakes", "Pastries", "Jam", "Animal husbandry products", "Industrial products" and export & import of all types. Also all operating and activates related to the subject of company.

          Capital combination & Shareholders: Major shares of the company until year 2002 with around 33.76 percent was owned to SHAHED investment and until year 2003 with around 1.994 percent was owned to IRANIAN INDUSTRIES ORGANIZATION. But Shares of mentioned company were purchased during the same years by KISH industry credit companies, Tabriz cocoa bean processing and Shirin Asal Company which had a set of industry.